The Business

Sound Financial Planning are retirement planning specialists. The business looking was to expand over the next three years and knew a HR software solution could streamline the increasing HR admin a growing team would generate. They were also keen to make sure internal issues were correctly dealt with in line with current employment law.

The Solution

Our team of experts reviewed all of Sound Financial Planning’s documents. We also provided them with processes and policies which they were able to access in their online Staff Handbook as part of their HR software.

“SafeHR have also taken us through contract reviews and provided us with a fantastic Staff Handbook and Employment Documents. We’ve also found the ability to set and track employee goals within the system has really helped us to manage performance. The amount of information that can be found and stored on the system is fantastic.”

Anna Hall, Practice Manager for Retirement Planning Specialists

The Conclusion

Sound Financial Planning now use their software to manage employee performance. They feel comfortable and confident in growing their business in a way they know is legally compliant. Any time they have any HR questions they just pick up the phone and speak to one of our consultants.

Anna Hall, Retirement Planning Specialists

“Prior to discovering SafeHR, most of the companies I’d spoken to seemed better suited to larger companies and weren’t particularly helpful in answering my enquiries.

SafeHR was a breath of fresh air in comparison. Everything was clearly explained to me and they really took the time to understand my needs – I instantly knew I’d found our solution.”


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