Recruitment and onboarding software for small businesses

Take the hassle out of recruiting for your small business with our easy-to-use applicant tracking system (ATS). Once you’ve found the perfect fit, help them feel part of the team straight away with onboarding software that streamlines the process for you and your new starter. 

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Recruitment and onboarding software for small businesses

Cost-effective recruitment software for small businesses 

Spend less time poring over CVs and managing admin, and more time on strategic tasks. Our cost-effective recruitment software gives you everything you need to build a thriving team quickly. 

Save time 

  • See all of your vacancies on a single dashboard 
  • Review CVs, cover letters and applications in one click 
  • Easily switch job adverts on and off based on your recruitment needs 
  • Apply default sections such as ‘About us’ to multiple job adverts 
  • Keep vacancy details and applications in one place 
  • Drag and drop applicants into different recruitment stages 
Recruitment and onboarding software for small businesses

Enhance your recruitment 

  • Tailor screening questions to each role 
  • Save notes about candidates and interviews 
  • Collaborate with your team within the software 
  • Message candidates directly 
  • Share job adverts to social media and Indeed 
  • Keep a bank of candidates for when new roles come up 
  • Onboard successful candidates directly into your HR software 
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Recruitment Talent Pool on SafeHR software
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Recruitment and onboarding software for small businesses


With no hidden fees, you can start and stop your contract as and when you need to. 

  • £15* per month for up to 5 live vacancies 
  • £25* per month for 6-10 vacancies 
  • £40* per month for 11+ vacancies 

*In addition to our HR service or software monthly contract 

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Recruitment and onboarding software for small businesses

Onboarding software for new starter success 

Make new starters feel welcome immediately with employee onboarding software that takes care of every part of the process. 

Built-in offer letters

Generate detailed letters in a few simple clicks. Each letter is GDPR compliant and backed up by the expertise of our in-house employment lawyers.

E-signatures for no-fuss contracts

E-signatures mean no more sending documents back and forth in the post. Instead, you can email contracts to be signed digitally. You’ll even receive reminders when a document hasn’t been signed.

Checklists that ensure everything’s covered

It’s easy to miss something in the flurry of welcoming a new starter to your business. That’s why we give you thorough checklists that you can customise to suit your needs. This helps you keep your onboarding process straightforward and consistent, and you can check each task off as you go.

New starter access to help them settle in

Starting a new job can be daunting. Help new recruits look forward to their first day by giving them access to your employee software in advance. They’ll be able to set up a profile that shows colleagues everything from who they’ll manage to what they like and dislike. At the same time, they can see this information about their new team members so it doesn’t all feel unfamiliar on day one.

Compliance made easy

Our software helps you gather all the information you need for right to work checks, and it stores important documents so they’re easy to find in future. You’ll also be able to create reading lists for employees and track which documents they’ve read.

Stress-free probation periods

Use our software to schedule regular check-ins with new starters, and set goals that support them to reach their full potential. You’ll get reminders when probation periods are due to end, and you can extend them if you need to.

Why choose SafeHR? 

Here’s why our recruitment software for small businesses is a no-brainer. 

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No long contracts

Our rolling monthly subscription means that if we don’t make you happy, you can leave whenever you like.

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Made for small businesses

We know time is money when you’re running a small business. Our software is quick and easy to set up and use, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters. 

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Exceptional support

We’re always on hand to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your software.

Our customers say it best

“Babble have used SafeHR as our HR software solution and HR advice provider for several years. We have consistently received great support from both the HR and Customer Support team. In particular they have helped with providing individual holiday calculations as we have varying holiday years, which has made the setting up of a new staff member hassle free. SafeHR are always willing to receive feedback in how the system and service can be improved and make you feel valued as a customer. SafeHR staff are always quick to respond to any queries and promptly answer the phone, which means we can continue to work efficiently together as we aren’t waiting for an answer.”


We signed up to SafeHR in 2022 and I am really pleased to have chosen SafeHR as our HR software solution. The SafeHR team has been a great support with the initial setup of the account and onboarding of our staff members’. They have guided us every step of the way and helped us to get to grips with using the software. The team is always happy to send over additional information or hop on a call to explain a new feature or help with the breakdown of a holiday calculation. “

LS Productions

“SafeHR have been there to support me and my business from the start, making the whole experience simple, straight-forward and stress-free. Since signing up, the customer support team has been there to address any concerns I’ve had, which has helped me make the most out of my subscription. Their continued support allowed me and my team to ask as many questions as we needed to, which was very useful when we were getting up and running with their new recruitment feature.”

Coastline Housing

We signed up with SafeHR in 2022 and I’m thrilled to have chosen them as our software solution along with support from their HR team. From the very beginning the SafeHR team has made the onboarding process completely seamless, from adding on staff members and setting up the account to rolling it out to our staff members’.

As part of the service we also had our current handbook and policies reviewed by the HR team who have been fantastic and have created a bespoke contract template for us that can be easily generated through our account for a new starter. In addition, it is great to have a HR team on hand to help with HR queries and issues, which makes you feel supported and not alone.”

Harod Associates

From the very beginning, the SafeHR team has made the onboarding process completely seamless, guiding us every step of the way and making sure we feel comfortable with the software. I would highly recommend it to any business looking to streamline their HR processes and increase efficiency.”

Institute of Employment Studies
Recruitment and onboarding software for small businesses

We connect to the apps you already use

Our software integrates with:

  • Deputy– track your team’s time and plan without the need for time-consuming rota planning.
  • Telleroo– pay your employees directly through the SafeHR payroll software.
  • Quickbooks– push your payroll journal and expenses directly to your accounting software.
  • Outlook- connect Outlook Calendars to SafeHR to track leave and appointments.
  • Xledger– push all expenses and payroll information directly into Xledger, automatically.
  • XeroHR and payroll software can help you manage all your staff admin.
  • SlackSlack helps you manage your team easily, anywhere, anytime and all in one place.
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Recruitment and onboarding software for small businesses

Book a demo today and one of our software experts will run you through the key features.

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