HR Reports and Analytics

Easily understand every aspect of your workforce with pre-built HR reports and the ability to create your own in seconds. By storing all your employee information and documents in one place, you can maximise the efficiency of your employee database.  

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powerful hr reports

Employee record management 

SafeHR is the central hub for all employee data. Each member gets their own file for contracts, pay details, and notes. Access staff information quickly with our HR software and streamline your day with our online reporting tool. 

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powerful hr reports

Secure employee database software 

Tired of using spreadsheets for staff info? Upgrade to our cloud-based employee database! It’s safer and accessible from anywhere, anytime. 

 Some of our key features include:

Company Snapshot Report

An instant view of your company’s key employee information.

Payroll Report

Access all the information needed to run payroll and export to CSV.

Org Chart

View a simple, clear organisational chart of your business.

Dynamic Report

Combine data fields to create powerful custom reports.

Time Tracking Report

Provides a view of where your team’s time is spent.

Sickness Report

Track staff absences, with Bradford Factor included.

powerful hr reports

Custom HR Report 

Our “Dynamic report” allows you to combine any number of data points quickly and easily using a simple dropdown menu. From tracking sick days, salary information, pay rises or bonuses, through to accessing contact details such as address and mobile numbers, plus much more, all at your fingertips. 

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Here’s a little more on some of our key reports

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Company Snapshot Report

This infographic style report provides a snapshot of your company’s workforce, displaying key metrics such as the gender distribution of employees, length of employment, average salary, total sick days taken this year, and other relevant information. 

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Payroll Report

Our “Payroll report” compiles all the essential information you need to send to your payroll processor, including new hires, leavers and updates to your existing staff. We cover everything from bonuses, salary adjustments, wages and holiday pay earned by employees who submit timesheets. The report also automatically factors in any outstanding loans.

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Calculate Gender Pay Gap

Reporting on the pay disparities between men and women in your organisation is a legal obligation if your staff count exceeds 250. Our HR software simplifies this process. With just a click, you can generate a report highlighting the key differences. Plus, exporting your gender pay gap report to .csv format is quick and hassle-free. 


Secure, cloud-based software:

SafeHR’s software uses the latest cloud technology with additional login verification for all employees. It also has multiple access levels where you can pick and choose what different employees can view and do.

Database security:

We prioritise the security of your sensitive information stored on our system. We adhere to the highest commercial security standards and regularly review our measures. Three independent companies review and test our security protocols, providing recommendations for improvement.

Data backup:

We safeguard client data with daily backups to a separate server, ensuring uninterrupted service in case of emergencies like fire or flood. We also follow strict EU regulations for personal information storage, with both servers located in the UK for compliance and faster data delivery.

Prevention of data theft:

Data can be stolen from the location where it resides or from the journey from our server to your computer. Our data security covers both eventualities.

Physical security:

Both the main and the backup server are located in highly secure locations with 24×365 security equipment and staff. We do not disclose the location of either of these servers.

Risk from hackers:

The main risk that many people worry about is “hacking.” We use a number of measures to prevent Hackers from gaining access to our servers.

There’s more…

Our powerful HR software provides many simple, powerful ways to save you time on almost every area of day to day HR admin.

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