The Business

Gittins McDonald are a team of solicitors with expertise in conveyancing, family law, probate and crime. It was important for the team at Gittins McDonald to have clear HR processes in place so that they could keep their business running smoothly and have a straightforward system all their team could rely on.

The Solution

Our experts were able to help Gittins Mcdonald get all their relevant contracts and policies in place. We were able to cut down on their stress and help them take back time when it came to their HR. Using SafeHR’s intuitive software has meanth that Gittins McDonals are ogranised with their holiday booking process and have said goodbye to spreadsheets for that job!

“When I first started at Gittins McDonald, the firm had different HR processes in each of its offices which meant there were two different types of contracts, two ways of organising holidays and so on. The SafeHR experts helped to sort out the confusion and created one set of policies for all employees to use, which took away so much stress.”

Patrick Cheshire, Office Manager at Gittins McDonald

The Conclusion

The team at Gittins McDonald are now confident that they are managing their HR in as efficient a way as possible. They have all the necessary policies and processes in place and are no longer duplicating tasks or workloads.

Patrick Cheshire, Gittins McDonald

“We used to organise holidays in a spreadsheet, but now it’s so much simpler through the platform, especially because staff can do most of it themselves. The sickness report is useful for tracking absence trends, and the staff directory gives me the contact information for all employees in seconds.

Our performance and development process has also improved due to the customisable appraisal reports.”

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