The Business

Coffee and TV are a creative media company specialising in brand commercials, broadcast projects and music videos. Coffee and TV were  taking on their first few employees and were growing conscious of the need to formalise their HR processes and policies.  They knew that keeping legally compliant would be important for the future of their business.

The Solution

SafeHR was able to give Coffee and TV everything they needed to feel confident in the way they were manging their HR. We helped them get the right processes and policies in place so they could be confident in their legal compliance. Our HR software was also a great way for them to show to their staff that they were taking HR seriously.

“It helps me to sleep at night knowing all our contracts and policies are compliant. And that if any issues do arise, SafeHR’s expert advisors are on hand to help us deal with them appropriately. The software has become essential for keeping track of everyone’s holiday and absence. Our staff really appreciate the easy access they have to all their records – it helps us to demonstrate that we take HR seriously within the business.”

Derek Moore, CEO at Coffee and TV

The Conclusion

With our HR support and HR software Coffee and TV have been able to rest assured that they are ticking all the right HR boxes. From policies all the way to keeping track of holiday, SafeHR has been the solution that Coffee and TV were after.

Derek Moore, Coffee and TV

“Once we’d hit about the five-employee mark, I became very aware of the need to formalise how we handled HR in order to stay compliant as a business. And this need to be compliant with employment law continues to feel even more pressing as the business grows.

SafeHR were the perfect solution, offering HR expertise to help us write all our policies and employment documents, and providing easy-to-use HR software to keep all these documents and our employee records in one place.”


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