The Business

Agamemnon Housing, a not-for-profit organisation providing affordable, managed housing for people over 60. They were spending a lot of time and effort on their HR processes.  As a not-for-profit it is vital that Agamemnon housing managed their time and resources well. They knew they needed to seek expertise to help manage their people efficiently.

The Solution

We were able to give Agamemnon peace of mind when it came to HR. Our experts were always on the end of the phone for any questions that they had. Using SafeHR’s software meant that Agamemnon were able to get back valuable time that was being spent on HR processes. This meant that they could put this time to better use.

“Previously, I would have scoured Google to find answers to HR issues, but now I can find reliable information within the SafeHR software itself. And if there is anything I’m still unsure about, I know I can just email or ring someone and get a quick response.”

Nigel Langhorn, CEO of Agamemnon Housing

The Conclusion

Agamemnon Housing found that using SafeHR saved them time and money – exactly what they were hoping for. They were able to get the HR answers they needed, as well as get their processes in order. They found the software easy-to-use and a great asset to them.

Nigel Langhorn, Agamemnon Housing

“As a not-for-profit, every significant decision has to be presented to the board and it’s essential to prove you’re doing everything as cost-effectively as possible. Compared to other options, like employing an HR professional, our board instantly saw the benefits and value in the service SafeHR offers.

As a small business, the flexibility afforded by the monthly rolling contract was a huge plus. I didn’t have to worry that I’d be stuck in a long contract that wasn’t bringing us value.”

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