The Business

Citizens Advice & Rights Fife are a not-for-profit company with over 80 employees. Managing and reporting on employee data was taking up a lot of their time. They had a lot of different in-house systems which meant there was a lot of manual work needed to gather and process data.

The Solution

We were able to provide Citizens Advice & Rights Fife with HR software that meant they could gather their data quickly and efficiently. They found the software easy-to-use and their team took to it well. Now they have an straightforward holiday and absence system in place that all their team are happy with.

“The software is also very user-friendly which made it really easy to roll out across the organisation and get everyone using it to request holiday and absence. We didn’t have a lot of time to train staff on using the system, so it was really important to find a solution that was intuitive and easy for everyone to get to grips with.”

David Moor, Business Administration at Citizens Advice & Rights Fife

The Conclusion

Citizens Advice & Rights Fife have saved themselves time as well as ensuring they can make the most of out of all the data they have. This means they’re able to operate much more efficiently, using only systems that are needed and no longer wasting time on unnecessary manual work.

David Moor, Citizens Advice & Rights Fife

“The team at SafeHR were really helpful and accommodating when we were trialling the software and took time to understand what we needed. With the other providers we looked at, we struggled to find the right level of flexibility within the software to accommodate our needs. But with SafeHR, we were able to sign up in confidence knowing that the product was the right fit for us.

For me, the reporting functionality has been the most helpful. I had to do everything manually before and it was so time-consuming. Now it’s a matter of minutes – the time saving is huge. The ability to customise the reports and create bespoke data sets is also really valuable.”

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